Better Health Begins With Better Relationships

Robert Grondin

As a cancer patient in remission, Dr. Kolonic and AIM have been instrumental in my care. At my previous clinic, I did not have as close of a relationship with my primary care physician. I didn’t get as much attention or time with my physician and the environment did not feel personal. At AIM Health, I can see Dr. Kolonic when I need to; and she has the time to talk and clarify things with me, not just rush through the appointment in less than 15 minutes. I enjoy the one-on-one relationship I’ve built with Dr. Kolonic through AIM Health. I’ve been a patient of hers for over four years and instead of just writing down my history and rushing through, she knows it. She helped me with seeing my four cancer specialist. She would call ahead and make sure they each had my complete information before my appointment. She’s proactive and has lots of good connections with local specialists. I would rate AIM Health five stars because of the promptness, courtesy, and thoughtfulness of each visit.

Sally Hampshire

I’ve had numerous body parts replaced and operated on and each time Dr. Gillcrist has been there for me. When I had a problem with my orthotics, Dr. Gillcrist called the clinic to gather more information and find a solution. She always takes the time to research a problem and she goes above and beyond. As a member of AIM Health, my life runs smoothly. I don’t have prescription troubles, and I can call Dr. Gillcrist on a Saturday night with a question (which I’ve unfortunately had to do before). The membership costs $100 a month, but it’s worth its weight in gold. I don’t feel like just a number. The doctors are able to be thorough and take their time doing examinations. They’re not just looking at you, they’re actually listening to you. I would rate AIM Health 5+ stars because you couldn’t find any better doctor, nurse, or service anywhere else.

Susanne Hanson

AIM Health is like family because they are concerned about you and care about what is going on with you. When I was out of the country in Mexico, I had to call my doctor twice. Both times, I was able to get a hold of my doctor. I truly have unlimited access to my doctor and can call at any time. Additionally, the doctors actually hear what your problem is and make a game plan for you. I would give AIM Health five stars because they make care accessible and care about you as an individual.

Elizabeth Chambers

I followed Dr. Gillcrist from Providence to AIM Health because of the individuals. I like the immediate attention I get from AIM Health. I’m healthy for the most part, but when I’ve got something that makes me scared or worried, I like calling a place where I know who I’m talking to and that I know I can get help. For example, I was in a recent automobile accident. The first responders told me to make sure my doctor knows about the accident since I refused medical care. I emailed Dr. Gillcrist at 6pm and she emailed back that same day. I’m shy about emailing her because I think I’m bothering her but at AIM Health they encourage you and she makes it clear that’s what she does. In this case, I said I felt fine but she squeezed me in the next day and checked me out and made sure I was ok emotionally and physically. I like the immediacy of it. It’s very reassuring. Communicating with Dr. Gillcrist always sets my mind at ease.

Joan Johnson

I have a unique condition. It’s an autoimmune syndrome in which my body is fighting another part of my body. In this case, it happens to be my lungs under attack. Katie was the first one to catch it and get me to the right hospital so they could save my life. So I definitely speak highly of her. At AIM Health, it’s different than being at other places. Here it’s not as if you are just another patient. They treat and respect you as the unique person you are.

Shirley Johnson

Since joining, my membership at AIM Health has been a huge benefit to me. I’ve had several visits to the emergency room and my doctor has always called ahead and given them my information. When I had a blood clot, I called my doctor at midnight. She made all of the arrangements for me to go the emergency room right away. It was a very smooth process. I don’t think I’d be able to call another doctor at midnight. This year, I’ve also had complications from my back surgery. Every time I’ve had an emergency situation I’ve been able to see my doctor within 1-2 days. My husband (who is not a member) has had a cough for a long time and still has to wait over a week and a half to see his doctor. I would rate AIM Health with five stars because they do what they say they will do. You can text and call your doctor, get appointments quickly, and follow through with your doctor. It has been worth every penny.