Dr. Annie Mack

Internal Medicine and Pediatric Doctor

Dr. Mack is double-board certified in internal medicine and pediatrics, a specialty often referred to as “Med-Peds.” Her training required both rigorous internal medicine education as well as the full spectrum of pediatrics, achieving board certification by both the American Board of Internal Medicine, as well as The American Academy of Pediatrics.

After completion of medical school at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 2001, Dr. Mack chose to pursue Med-Peds because she enjoys caring for patients across the lifespan, often taking care of entire generations in one family. She completed her residency in internal medicine and pediatrics at the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center in 2005. After practicing here in Portland for 17 years, Dr. Mack joined AIM Health because she understands that patients need time with their personal doctor to establish a strong relationship and receive personalized, high quality medical care and guidance through our complex health system.

Dr. Mack enjoys providing thoughtful, individualized care to help her patients, whether this involves monitoring and treating adult patients with chronic disease like high blood pressure and diabetes, or helping patients achieve optimal health through proactive preventative screenings and counseling.

She also enjoys caring for babies and toddlers, helping them feel at ease within the medical setting noting, “I like to take on the challenge of helping a fearful toddler feel a little more at ease at their appointment, while simultaneously working with parents to find solutions to their concerns. My own parenting helps give me perspective to try to ensure that the advice I give to other parents is both manageable and workable for their family. With patients of all ages, and especially with teens, I emphasize the importance of mental health. I like helping patients appreciate how their mental health impacts their physical health. And finally, I prioritize discussing the importance of life saving vaccines for all ages.”

Dr. Mack has been practicing medicine for 17 years, in Portland for the last 15, and brings her wealth of experience to AIM Health where she has the time with her patients to develop close, trusting relationships. She is a strident believer in the values of AIM Health, prioritizing the patient-physician relationship, longer appointments, timely access and communication, and smaller patient panels to help achieve personalized high-quality medicine with improved health outcomes.

In her spare time, Dr. Mack enjoys spending time with family, hiking in beautiful forests, traveling internationally and learning about other cultures, reading thought-provoking books, as well as doing yoga for its mind and body benefits and enjoying Zumba.

Dr. Mack welcomes both new adult and pediatric patients at this time.