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What is membership?

AIM Health is a membership-based concierge medicine clinic. The benefits of membership medicine include: 24/7 access to an AIM Health physician, fewer total patients resulting in timely appointments, longer appointment times, and more individualized care and partnership with your physician.

Patient and doctor at AIM Health in Portland Oregon
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AIM Health Member Benefits

AIM Health is a membership-based concierge medicine clinic. The benefits of membership medicine include: 24/7 access to an AIM Health doctor or pediatrician; fewer total patients resulting in longer appointment times; more individualized care and partnership with your doctor or pediatrician; and timely appointments.

24/7 access to your doctor at AIM Health


Fewer patients equals more you time at AIM Health in Portland, Oregon


Your time matters at AIM Health

No Long

Longer Appointments at AIM Health in Portland Oregon

Longer Appointments

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Membership Pricing

*Beginning June 1, 2022. For patients paying annually, there is a 5% discount applied.

Age Price Per Month Price Per Quarter Price Per Year
Up to 17 $50 $150 $570
18-39 $60 $180 $684
40-59 $90 $270 $1,026
60+ $120 $360 $1,368
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How Membership at AIM Health works

Office visits and services


Office visits and services at our Portland primary care clinic are billed to your insurance company just like traditional medical clinics. The membership fee provides access for extra benefits.

Insurance questions at AIM Health Portland Oregon


We are currently accepting most insurance plans, yes even Medicare. Please give us a call to see if we accept your insurance. If it’s not on our list, we’ll see if we can arrange it.
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What Our Patients Say About AIM Health

Elizabeth Chambers

“I followed Dr. Gillcrist from Providence to AIM Health because of the individuals. I like the immediate attention I get from AIM Health. I’m healthy for the most part, but when I’ve got something that makes me scared or worried, I like calling a place where I know who I’m talking to and that I know I can get help. For example, I was in a recent automobile accident. The first responders told me to make sure my doctor knows about the accident since I refused medical care….”

Elizabeth Chambers

Susanne Hanson

“AIM Health is like family because they are concerned about you and care about what is going on with you. When I was out of the country in Mexico, I had to call my doctor twice. Both times, I was able to get a hold of my doctor. I truly have unlimited access to my doctor and can call at any time. Additionally, the doctors actually hear what your problem is and make a game plan for you. I would give AIM Health five stars because they make care accessible and care about you as an individual.”

Susanne Hanson

Sally Hampshire

“I’ve had numerous body parts replaced and operated on and each time Dr. Gillcrist has been there for me. When I had a problem with my orthotics, Dr. Gillcrist called the clinic to gather more information and find a solution. She always takes the time to research a problem and she goes above and beyond. As a member of AIM Health, my life runs smoothly. I don’t have prescription troubles, and I can call Dr. Gillcrist on a Saturday night with a question (which I’ve ….”

Sally Hampshire

Robert Grondin

“As a cancer patient in remission, my Doctor and AIM have been instrumental in my care. At my previous clinic, I did not have as close of a relationship with my primary care physician. I didn’t get as much attention or time with my physician and the environment did not feel personal. At AIM Health, I can see them when I need to; and they have the time to talk and clarify things with me, not just rush through the appointment in less than 15 minutes. I enjoy the …. “

Robert Grondin

Pediatrics Now Available At AIM Health. Learn More Here.
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