Since joining, my membership at AIM Health has been a huge benefit to me. I’ve had several visits to the emergency room and my doctor has always called ahead and given them my information. When I had a blood clot, I called my doctor at midnight. She made all of the arrangements for me to go the emergency room right away. It was a very smooth process. I don’t think I’d be able to call another doctor at midnight. This year, I’ve also had complications from my back surgery. Every time I’ve had an emergency situation I’ve been able to see my doctor within 1-2 days. My husband (who is not a member) has had a cough for a long time and still has to wait over a week and a half to see his doctor. I would rate AIM Health with five stars because they do what they say they will do. You can text and call your doctor, get appointments quickly, and follow through with your doctor. It has been worth every penny.”

Shirley Johnson