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We are a team of highly skilled, internists, family medicine, and internal medicine/pediatrics physicians serving those who want more from their healthcare in Portland and the surrounding metro area. We employ only board-certified medical doctors in our practice.
We guide and support our patients through complex medical conditions, help navigate through hospitalizations, manage medications, provide appropriate direction and communication for specialist referrals, advise, and provide preventative health screenings and healthy lifestyle counseling.

Dr. Amy Gillcrist Aim Health

Dr. Amy Gillcrist

Dr. Summer Lam. - Internal Medicine Doctor

Dr. Summer Lam

Dr. Annie Mack - Internal Medicine and Pediatric Doctor in Portland, Oregon

Dr. Annie Mack

Dr. Merrill Harris Internal Medicine Doctor in Portland Oregon

Dr. Aoife O'Sullivan

Dr. Aiofe Osullivan

Dr. Merrill Harris

Dr. Kim Shields

Dr. KIM Shields

Dr. Dorelan Miller

Dr. Dorlean Miller

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