“I followed Dr. Gillcrist from Providence to AIM Health because of the individuals. I like the immediate attention I get from AIM Health. I’m healthy for the most part, but when I’ve got something that makes me scared or worried, I like calling a place where I know who I’m talking to and that I know I can get help. For example, I was in a recent automobile accident. The first responders told me to make sure my doctor knows about the accident since I refused medical care. I emailed Dr. Gillcrist at 6pm and she emailed back that same day. I’m shy about emailing her because I think I’m bothering her but at AIM Health they encourage you and she makes it clear that’s what she does. In this case, I said I felt fine but she squeezed me in the next day and checked me out and made sure I was ok emotionally and physically. I like the immediacy of it. It’s very reassuring. Communicating with Dr. Gillcrist always sets my mind at ease.”

Elizabeth Chambers