“As a cancer patient in remission, my Doctor and AIM have been instrumental in my care. At my previous clinic, I did not have as close of a relationship with my primary care physician. I didn’t get as much attention or time with my physician and the environment did not feel personal. At AIM Health, I can see them when I need to; and they have the time to talk and clarify things with me, not just rush through the appointment in less than 15 minutes. I enjoy the one-on-one relationship I’ve built with AIM Health. I’ve been a patient of theirs for over four years and instead of just writing down my history and rushing through, they know it. They helped me with seeing my four cancer specialist. They would call ahead and make sure they each had my complete information before my appointment. They’re proactive and have lots of good connections with local specialists. I would rate AIM Health five stars because of the promptness, courtesy, and thoughtfulness of each visit.”
Robert Grondin