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Top 6 More Effective Ways to Survive Holiday Indulging

Nov 1, 2019

The holidays can be one of the best times of the year.  The family, the friends, the memories, and the food can all make this time of year special.  Often, we jump from party to party and our days revolve around rich and indulgent foods.  It can be hard to resist food during the holidays but here are some easy strategies to help avoid holiday over indulging.

1. Have a healthy meal before you go to a party

Eating a small healthy meal before you go to a party or get together can help you avoid eating sugary and unhealthy foods.  If you’ve eaten a healthy meal before you arrive, you will be less tempted to eat since you will be full.

2. Use small plates or napkins

The size of our plate can effect our perception of foods.  When we use a large plate, we often don’t realize how large of a serving we are eating.  Using smaller plates or napkins will help us be aware of how much we are eating.  Also, just because you use a smaller plate doesn’t mean you should go back for seconds or thirds.

3. Offer to bring a healthy dish to a party

If possible, tell the hostess that you can bring a dish or two to the party or get together.  While this may cause a little extra work, you can be sure there will be a dish that you can eat guilt free.  While fruit and veggie plates are a great option, there are many other healthy dishes you can easily make and bring that fit with your weight management goals. Here are some great recipe ideas.

4. Make a plan

Plan out what and when you will eat before going to a party or gathering. Figure out what is worth eating and set an actual number on the amount of drinks or desserts you will have.  For example, if you love chocolate, have one serving of the chocolate dessert but avoid the rest. This will allow you to enjoy some of the foods without over indulging.

5. It’s ok to indulge a little

After all, it’s the holidays and you almost certainly have that favorite not so good for you food.  Allow yourself to eat those rich desserts every once in a while in a smaller portion.  Plan out when and how you can indulge and stick to it.

6. Reduce or avoid alcohol

When you drink alcohol, you not only get the calories from your beverage, you also decrease your ability to say no to less healthy foods. Either drink less alcohol or avoid it all together by drinking club soda and lemon, water, a diet soda, or try a healthy mocktail.

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