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24/7 Access by phone

24/7 access

24/7 member access by phone allows you around-the-clock support.

We're available at AIM Health Portland Oregon

We’re available

No long waits—timely appointments with your physician.

Your time matters at AIM Health Portland Oregon

Your time matters

Get your questions answered — longer appointments to address all of your concerns.

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Care the way it’s supposed to be

AIM Health is a primary care medical clinic with a membership model. Appointment times are longer and same day or next day appointments are available for acute needs. We have a smaller panel of patients overall to ensure your doctor has the time to spend attending to your care in a personal and thoughtful way.
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Sally Hampshire

I’ve had numerous body parts replaced and operated on and each time Dr. Gillcrist has been there for me. When I had a problem with my orthotics, Dr. Gillcrist called the clinic to gather more information….. Read More.

Joan Johnson patient at AIM HEALTH

Joan Johnson

Joan Johnson
I have a unique condition. It’s an autoimmune syndrome in which my body is fighting another part of my body. In this case, it happens to be my lungs under attack. My doctor was….. Read More.

Shirley Johnson member at aim health

Shirley Johnson

Since joining, my membership at AIM Health has been a huge benefit to me. I’ve had several visits to the emergency room and my doctor has always called ahead and given them my information. When I had a…. Read More.

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Healthcare done differently

Our concierge membership doctors are dedicated to providing high-quality primary care with extra time during your appointment to listen carefully, explain clearly, and help guide your care thoughtfully. Office visits and services are billed to insurance, just as you would expect. AIM health accepts most insurance including Medicare. Learn more about AIM health membership.

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