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Top 5 Signs of Adult ADHD

May 7, 2019

Nearly 10.5 million adults in the U.S. have ADHD.  Thankfully, there are treatments available for adults who have ADHD.  Working with your doctor, you can develop a plan that will allow you to live normally.  Often, taking a stimulant and seeking therapy can help you manage your symptoms.  Here are the top 5 signs of adult ADHD:

1. Inattentive

Adults with ADHD can find it difficult to pay attention to details.  They may have a lack of focus resulting in underperformance of tasks.  Poor listening skills and being easily distracted are other symptoms of inattentiveness.

2. Hyperactive

Rather than being overly active, adults with ADHD often find it hard to relax and have a tendency to be restless.  This may result in the person feeling edgy or tense.

3. Impulsive

Adults with ADHD may rush through tasks, resulting in careless mistakes. They may also interrupt others while they are talking and act without fully considering the consequences.

4. Disorganized

Adults with ADHD may have poor time management skills.  Prioritizing tasks in a way that makes sense and keeping track of all tasks may also be a challenge.

5. Emotional Outbursts

Adults with ADHD often have a hard time controlling their emotions.  They may get very angry over small problems or have constant mood swings.

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