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Dr. Mal McAninch Retires

Apr 10, 2020

Dr. Mal McAninch has been a much-loved, highly dedicated and effective internist in Portland for many years. After a long career of helping patients, Dr. McAninch is retiring.

We will miss his joy and passion for the practice of medicine and will carry on his deep care and concern for the well-being of his patients. We wish him many years of happy, healthy retirement!

We were planning to celebrate with a big party, but due to the pandemic we did a small send off instead:


We practiced social distancing at Mal’s retirement send off:


If you were fortunate to have had Dr. McAninch as your physician, we can help you transition to one of the other internists at AIM. Drs. Amy Gillcrist, Jill Miller and Summer Lam are accepting new patients.

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