Frequently AskedQuestions

Frequently AskedQuestions

Accessing Your Virtual Appointment

Does my insurance cover virtual appointments?

Yes. This is covered the same as an in-office visit.

How do I make a virtual appointment?

To make a virtual or in-person appointment, call AIM Health or make an appointment through MyChart.

Can I use a tablet or phone to access my virtual appointment?

Yes, as long as your device has a working camera and microphone, you can use it to access your virtual appointment.

Laptop, phone or camera

How do I access my virtual appointment?

To access your virtual appointment, go to Virtual Appointments and click the name of your physician.

How do I check into my virtual appointment with Firefox?

How do I check into my virtual appointment with Safari?

How do I check into my virtual appointment with Chrome?

During Your Virtual Appointment

I don’t want to be on camera. Can I just call into my virtual appointment?

No, virtual appointments are designed for video. Audio-only is not an option. AIM Health still provides all the other ways to access your doctor: in-person appointments, MyChart or phone calls. 

Can other people be added to my virtual appointment?

Yes, through the “group call” option, your AIM Health physician can add other people to your virtual appointment, such as a family member. You will join your virtual appointment as normal and your physician will then add the additional members to the call. Of course your virtual appointments are completely private, so other individuals will be added with your prior consent only.

Technical Difficulties

My microphone is not working.

First make sure you have allowed your browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) to use your microphone:

Sometimes other video chat programs like Skype or Facetime prevent the microphone from being used. Closing these programs or restarting your computer or device should fix this issue.

The quality of my call is low. Can it be improved? help page provides more tips for improving the quality of your call.