HIPAA & Privacy

HIPAA & Privacy

HIPAA & Your Privacy At AIM Health

Your privacy and health information are safe with us. Electronic records are protected by HIPAA compliant safety measures including system security, strict user permissions and passwords. An electronic health record makes sharing information easier, but only with those who are authorized to receive the information. This provides continuity of care helps ensure only those participants in your care have access to your information. If you have questions please contact us directly.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that addresses the right of patients to have their medical information kept private and confidential. HIPAA applies to all clinics, providers, and staff affiliated with AIM Health. Under HIPAA, any electronic, written, or oral health information that can identify a specific patient is considered Protected Health Information (PHI).

Notice of privacy practices

As a requirement of HIPAA, you will receive a complete copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices at your first appointment. This document provides detailed information about your rights regarding your personal and health information and how that information may be used and disclosed by AIM Health.