Membership can work for employers and employees.

Membership in AIM Health can help control your company’s healthcare costs by providing easy access, high quality, and personal care.

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AIM Health Membership Employer Benefits can Help Control Costs

Fewer sick days

Decreased hospitalizations and ER visits

An estimated 60% decrease in unavoidable hospitalizations for conditions such as stroke or angina*

Reduced prescription medication costs; with some reporting 50-95% reduction*

The Monthly Fee Provides…

24/7 access to their physician via email, text or phone.

Same day/next day appointment guarantee which reduces total sick time.

Longer appointment times to address all concerns in one visit.

Happy, healthy patients. Great employees.

  • In a membership model, physicians have 1/3 the patient load of typical health clinics.
  • The reduced patient load allows for increased time with each patient.
  • Studies have proven increased time leads to better overall health.*
  • Sick time is reduced due to immediate attention and 24/7 access.

Physicians enlist more time to be more thorough in personally consulting with specialists to reduce costly specialist visits, conducting near real-time research for proactive care, and carefully reviewing lab results and physician notes to reduce errors and system inefficiencies. Also, tight management of chronic health conditions reduces overall health costs through fewer emergency room and costly specialist visits and shorter hospital stays.

*Qliance report review of claims data from 2013-2014

*Optum and American Journal of Managed Care study, published August 2014

* published on

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Invest in your employees and invest in concierge medicine.

What our patients say about AIM Health.

“I like calling a place where I know with whom I’m talking to and that I know I can get help.”

Elizabeth Chambers

"I would rate AIM Health five stars because of the promptness, courtesy, and thoughtfulness of each visit."

Robert Grondin

“It’s worth its weight in gold.”

Sally Hampshire

“I would rate AIM Health five stars … it’s worth every penny.”

Shirley Johnson

“I truly have unlimited access to my doctor and can call at any time.”

Susanne Hanson