Concierge Medicine vs. Today’s Traditional Practice

Traditional medical practices care for thousands of patients, each shuffled through a short, fifteen-minute appointment. Concierge or Membership practices typically care for fewer patients overall, spend more time with each patient in person and on each patient’s case after the office visit, offer 24/7 access to each members’ personal doctor, and charge a monthly fee. AIM offers an optional membership for patients. The membership fee allows us to keep our practice smaller and see fewer patients per day to provide more quality time. We schedule longer appointments so our doctors have the time to care for all of your concerns and provide comprehensive, thorough, personal care.

There is no long-term commitment required when signing up for an AIM Health membership. Members can pay by the month, quarter or year. Patients who do not pay for membership get the same great care but with more traditional access, that is access during typical office hours.

Member or Non-member, AIM Health’s practice was founded on the principle that relationship is more important than profit. We strive to make your experience feel more like family; your time is valued and your concerns are heard.